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The Asylum

I was almost being discharged from the mental asylum since I had made great progress worth a ticket home. I hated the place and the environment, the medication, everything about being unfit to mingle with the sane bunch. My accident had messed me badly after being a cabbage in ICU for quite some time. The doctors were sure I would not recover from comma and I if I did I would be a lunatic forever. That is how this place had become my home for almost two years. I was very excited to go home and at the same time very sad to leave my new buddy Kael. He had recovered but it was so unfortunate he would not go home. Accord to him he was heading to prison.

Kael was not your ordinary lunatic. His was a case of bitter betrayal as he had narrated to me. He had married at a young age out of what he thought was love. He loved his wife dearly but unfortunately, he fell out of love with her. She was neither attractive nor did he feel his humor bone triggered by her jokes anymore. It was a trying moment for him, for he did not know how to explain to her that he did not love her anymore. The woman who had given him two beautiful children. She had persisted on having a third child but he did not buy the idea. He barely touched her either way and kept faking headaches, stress, and other lame excuses.

It was during his divorce that he met this lady. In a long time, he had not had a soft spot for a lady. She made him feel younger and more energetic to get involved with a woman again. Within no time, he was a free man with a new title divorcee. It had been a long tedious process but he enjoyed every bit of it working with a young, hot and attractively callypigious barrister. She was an eye candy to die for. He made a move and since they had grown fond of each other, she was down for it. They walked down the aisle in a private ceremony. The irony of life, you walk away from the mother of your children and marry the lawyer who represented the case.

There were many narratives about how tricky it was to tame a woman of her ilk, but she proved different. She was a laid down lass very easy to love. Their marriage was a perfect one with little or no hitches, nothing but love. It went well for a couple of years with lots of mutual support and agreements. Alexa was getting promotions at her workplace that pushed her to move towns now and then. Kael had no issue as he supported his career woman having been married to a homemaker for eons. The change and experience felt good. The storm started when Alexa had to move to another country. They could barely agree on how to work out things amicably.

Eventually, Alexa moved and had to leave Kael behind for he had businesses to take care of. They agreed on seeing each other every end month. The two lover birds rekindled their almost dwindling love. Within no time, Alexa was pregnant. She could not wait to break the news to her husband. Such a great joy to a marriage orchestra to continue the rhythm. She had texted him in the middle of the month that she had a big surprise for him. He tried to coarse her to unravel the puzzle but she vehemently refused. He was sure she had gotten another promotion as usual or had bought him another expensive gift. He was anxious and eager. End Month seemed a decade away and his curiosity made him restless.

He made up his mind to visit before the end of the month and pull a surprise on her too. His flight was long and tiresome that he walked straight to the bedroom after landing. In the closet, there were no signs of his clothing. On the dressing table was their wedding ring. Every time he would check-in, his clothing and shoes were in the closet and she always had her ring on. He searched around and came across a pregnancy test kit. Ooh how wonderful he was going to be a dad. He should have been happy right? He could not believe that this was the surprise his dear wife was calling him for. It was indeed a surprise. He had come to surprise her too but from his discovery, he was more surprised that he took a flight back home. He did not bother to tell her that he had been around when she was at work or God knows where.

Plans to have Alexa visit him were underway. He wanted her to present the surprise in the country where she would be buried or rather, the mother country. He picked her from the airport and they went home. At night they made love as if it was their last. Kael was a bit tipsy and before he knew it, he was strangling her. She thought it was their usual rough bondage sex, but this time it was tighter. She tried to break free but it was too late she breathed her last. He could no longer bear living with a  promiscuous woman. If she was as faithful as alleged, then how had she conceived? Apparently, Kael had a vasectomy procedure the moment his wife started asking for a third baby.

When he came back to his senses he realized what he had done and surrendered to the police. The judge ordered for his mental check and he was found schizophrenic. That is how he ended up in the asylum with me. I felt sad for my dear friend but Karma is a double-edged sword.

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