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Sleep was the last thing she could think of. Her excitement could not allow it either way as she fantasized about her new life. All of a sudden she turned pale. Would Caleb get another girlfriend and kill their marriage plans? She had met him that afternoon in the maize plantation which they had turned to a bedroom. She laughed when she remembered one time they had been caught in the act and had to run for their dear lives naked. Caleb had been a good boyfriend to her since primary school. Once she settled, she would come back for him or maybe he could join her in the city, she thought to herself.

Karen, her sister had just given birth, and since she was idle in the village, her parents were sending her to help. Brian received her at the train station. He was a big macho tough guy who loved his family. Brenda had not seen him since his wedding day. Her sister was a lucky girl she thought, but not as lucky as her since Caleb was more handsome. She admired his dedication either way. In a few days, she had accustomed to the day to day activities of the city. It was a new experience but she was too cunning and smart thus adapted easily. Maternity leave ended and Karen went back to work leaving Brenda in charge of the baby. She adored the little one and enjoyed taking care of her.

Being a nurse, Karen had to take night shifts leaving his sexually starved husband in the company of a maniac sister. Brian, an online entrepreneur, barely left the house where he worked from. For six months he had not enjoyed his conjugal rights. Brenda’s presence was a dream come true for it did not take long to pounce on her. They had all the nights to themselves to explore each other. By now Brenda had stopped replying Caleb’s texts. He was just a village boy who did not have experience in cunnilingus like his city competitor. Within no time they could barely get their hands off each other. It was so bad ┬áthat when Karen was around they would sneak for quickies and act normal.

It was not long that Karen noticed a strong bond between the two and fishy patterns. She set a trap after smelling a rat. The clueless lovers were exploring each other while Karen was sneaking in through the back door, she had left open when going to work. The shock on their faces after she bumped into them on the couch. Well, she confirmed her suspicion. The pain and betrayal of her own blood sister. She wanted to pounce on her but Brian stopped. She was screaming her lungs out as if she was possessed. Brian shamelessly declared that he was no longer interested in her and she could leave if she wanted. This triggered the demon in Brenda, as she started disrespecting her sister.

Depression was slowly kicking into her. She could not report at home for she did not know how to do it. How could she explain to anybody that her six years of marriage had been torn by her sister? She chose to stay quiet and bear the humiliation of seeing her sister cum co-wife take over her home. Her colleagues noticed something was amiss and they took charge to salvage her. She was put on medication since her blood pressure was high. It was really a trying moment for her especially when she noticed Brenda was expecting. This was a clear indication that she had lost the battle. It dawned on her that if she died, her baby would suffer thus she started therapy. While there she learnt to love herself again and ignore life’s trials and tribulations.

Five months after therapy, she moved out on her own and cut communication with everyone, since she had accepted her fate. By then everyone had gotten wind of what had happened and they could not help but express their disappointment. Their parents summoned them to try and solve the issue, but the two lovers were full of themselves they wanted to be left alone. Life turned a new leaf for Karen as she got promotions at work. Not only that but also she had found new love after years Of rejection. On this particular morning, she got to work late. There was a commotion at the main entrance and she got curious. A lady had been pierced on the head in a fight. She later came to learn the lady was Brenda’s house help who she had caught sleeping with Brian. On the day of her sentence, Karen was the first to get to court. Brenda was served fifteen years in prison. She looked at Brenda straight in her eyes without blinking and you could read from her face, the words were, “who is laughing now traitor. Rot in hell.”

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