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Holy Matrimony

I was sure that I had killed him. The straps he hang from sway his dangling body left and right.

My marriage was a perfect one if you ask me. Talk of Utopia.

It is the dream of every young village girl to find a perfect match. My haven had come to be through my husband Max. He was a born again Christian and my University sweetheart. Our wedding night was well planned and we both looked forward. It would be a night of deflowering and engaging in the sin of the flesh, as Max termed it. I was sweating profusely as we walked to our room. It was a luxurious hacienda he had booked for our 10 days honeymoon. A thought raced through my mind and my instincts could sense he was naive and expectant too.

“Babe, I need to tell you something” I broke the silence and tension between us just before we walked to our action room. He looked at me and smiled. I could tell that he was proud of his young virgin bride, who he was about to unwrap for himself.”Honey do not fear, the Lord will guide us once we walk into that room.”Max pulled me closer and kissed my forehead as he recited his favorite Psalms 23. Indeed the Lord was his shepherd as he chose a proverbs 31 wife. Well, here we were, about to explore each other. I lay quietly and imagined of Isaac when Abraham was about to sacrifice him. Max had influenced me into religious dogmatism for that was the best a wife should do. Max still had his boxers on and was kissing me romantically. Something was amiss, I could not feel his hard-on. Well for the three years we were together, he was always holding it back to avoid the devil’s temptation. But what about this special day that Jesus had permitted us to enjoy flesh? Why was there no change??

I came back to my senses and for sure, I don’t know how I would have explained to him that I had deflowered and he was not my first. Would my marriage survive this revelation? Should I stop Max and confess before he found out? I was lost in thought when a cry of desperation distracted my stream of thoughts. It was crystal clear that My love was in trouble. He had erectile dysfunction. I could not tell if I was supposed to cry with him or be Happy that my secret was safe. I held him and I broke into prayer, cursing the devil and my love joined me in rebuking the evil forces. That was the beginning of my marital woes.

There was a knock, who could it be? Where would I hide the body? How would I explain that there was a naked body in a pastor’s house? Could it be a church member who had come to congratulate max for his promotion as a senior pastor? The door flung open and my twin sister stood flabbergasted by the scene. Words failed me, my knees were weak. Ella grabbed a towel and covered me and she seemed to assure me, whatever was happening would not change that I was her blood and twin.

“For how long have you been having an affair?”She asked while conducting a CPR on Jules my lover. I was daft enough not to have thought of doing first aid to save a soul, despite being a medic like my twin. Luckily, Jules coughed, he was alive. I was now prepared to tell my twin that my lover had hit his head on the floor after the sex swing we had made collapsed while we were in action. I could read her face, a pastor’s wife? The very godly sister who had always reprimanded her for being a lifist. I was armed with the slogan It was the devil’s work.

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